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NEW HOURS: TUES-SAT 10.00AM-5.00PM (03) 9419 5070

Bowers & Wilkins - Upgrade your sound


Why Upgrade?

Yes, your old speakers are worth something!

If you’ve been tempted to update your sound system but weren’t sure what to do with your current speakers, we have the answer: trade them in and receive a guaranteed minimum amount on a brand new set of Bowers & Wilkins.

Your new speakers will bring your system to life and we’ll make sure your old ones find a good home!

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About Bowers & Wilkins

When it comes to upgrading your sound system, there is no better place to start than with a set of new speakers. Bowers & Wilkins makes a large range of best- in-class and award winning models to suit almost everyone.

Our Company needs no introduction to serious sound enthusiasts: founded in 1966, we make the world’s most advanced home cinema and hi-fi speakers, including Abbey Road’s reference system, wireless speakers such as Zeppelin Wireless, high-performance mobile-hi-fi headphones, and much more.

Has speaker design really changed?

In the same way TV’s have changed dramatically over the last couple of decades, speaker design and technology has advanced over recent with  times with materials such as Diamond used to deliver revelatory sound quality. These advanced mean that older designs are substantially out of date in most aspects of their performance.

Check out the latest Bowers & Wilkins ranges such as our new 700 Series to see what’s changed:

The best materials and the most modern factories

We develop all our products from scratch in our Research and Development centre in southern England. From here, we choose the finest materials and the employ the latest manufacturing techniques in our wholly-owned and operated factories in Worthing, UK and Zhuhai, China, to build the world’s best.

Watch here as one of our flagship 800 Series models make its way along the production line:

Overview key Bowers in-house tech – by range / read more

Our team of engineers painstakingly develop and test an exotic mix of cutting edge materials to overcome the shortcomings of traditional speaker technologies.

Our speaker drive unit designs set us apart from other audio companies:

For example, our famous Diamond Dome high frequency high frequency and Continuum midrange transducers are just two of the standard-setting creations you can only find in Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers. You can read more on some of our core technologies here:

Society of sound

When you purchase any Bowers & Wilkins product, you automatically receive either a trial or lifetime (for 800 Series owners) membership of our very own Music Club. A great way to discover new music to enjoy on your new system.

Pride of ownership

You’ll know as soon you unpack your new Bowers & Wilkins that we’ve built them with great pride. Based on feedback from our customers, we confident that the satisfaction you’ll feel from owning one of our products will only be exceeded by the pleasure of listening to your favourite music. On top of that, we back our products with a high standard of customer service and a generous, international warranty.

Print & Text used with permission; Bowers & Wilkins Australia