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Big Star - Radio City (UNI)

Universal Music

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'Radio City' is the second album by the American rock group Big Star. First released in 1974, 'Radio City' was recorded during 1973 at Memphis' Ardent Studios.

Though not a commercial success at the time, it is now recognized as a milestone album in the history of power pop music. Critically acclaimed upon its release, the record sold poorly, partly due to a lack of promotion and the distribution problems of the band's struggling record label, Ardent Records.

The album included "September Gurls" and "Back of a Car", which remain among the most famous Big Star songs.



  1. O My Soul
  2. Life Is White
  3. Way Out West
  4. What's Going Ahn
  5. You Get What You Deserve
  6. Mod Lang
  7. Back Of A Car
  8. Daisy Glaze
  9. She's A Mover
  10. September Gurls
  11. Morpha Too
  12. I'm In Love With A Girl
  13. O My Soul

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