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Alexis Taylor - Await Barbarians (UNI)

Universal Music

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In between creating albums of secretly smart dance-pop, the members of Hot Chip have indulged in solo projects that focus on specific aspects of the band’s sound. Alexis Taylor's latest solo record lands somewhere between Hot Chip and his more abstract About Group project, slotting abstract sound experiments alongside simple songs that lean on a one main hook.



Lazy Bones 1:59
From The Halfway Line 3:27
Without A Crutch (2) 3:03
Immune System 4:06
Dolly And Porter 3:40
Closer To The Elderly 4:34
Elvis Has Left The Building 5:25
Piano Ducks 2:22
New Hours 4:02
Where Would I Be? 3:07
Am I Not A Soldier? 4:43
Without A Crutch (1) 3:02

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