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INXS - Shabooh Shoobah (UNI)

Universal Music

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    Shabooh Shoobah is the band's third album and was released in 1984, boasting the singles The One Thing and the enduring anthem 'Don't Change'. It's the sound of a band trademarking their sound; there's a smart, slick punch to the album that suggests late-period Roxy Music crossed with a younger, brasher energy, which perfectly explains the sly grooves of songs like "To Look at You" and "Here Comes".
    1. The One Thing
    2. To Look at You
    3. Spy of Love
    4. Soul Mistake
    5. Here Comes
    6. Black and White
    7. Golden Playpen
    8. Jan's Song
    9. Old World New World
    10. Don't Change

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