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The Six Six Sixes




The Sixes. 

Klipsch’s R-15 PM Active bookshelf speakers have been long heralded as one of the best active speakers on the market, offering big big sound in a small package. It’s all the beauty of stereo music without the need for an external amplifier, another component to house or hide away. And many of our customers have readily welcomed a home hifi aesthetic that includes only a turntable and two speakers, without sacrificing their sound quality. Now it appears that Klipsch are upping the anti, introducing to vinyl junkies the world over its brand new pair of active bookshelves, The Sixes. All the benefits of its predecessor, with so so much more.

Obviously, the most notable difference is their aesthetic. Yes, two stereo speakers with an inbuilt amplifier, phono stage, digital optical input, bluetooth, and optional sub out, but also a bigger woofer, titanium-loaded tweeter and – to the delight of all – finished in a stunning solid timber veneer with spun copper switches and dials. This is bigger sound, better detail, in an exquisite finish. It’s not just a re-model of the highly popular R-15 PMs, it’s a complete overhaul, superior to its predecessor in every possible way. How do you improve on some of the most acclaimed active speakers on the market, you ask? Well, you completely rebuild them from the ground up, that’s what you do.

If they look familiar, try swinging over to the Heritage series and checking out the Klipsch Heresy IIIs. Five and a half thousand dollars of hand built Hope, Arkansas floor standing grunt. 12” woofer, horn-loaded heaven in a design straight out of the sixties. Yep, the all-new Sixes took a leaf straight out of a design that’s proven itself for well over half a century. This is the modern classic, something that ages with grace and continues to improve with that age.

But it’s all for nothing if it doesn’t sound good, right? Well, worry not my LP enthusiasts, The Sixes pack a big punch in the sound department. Small enough to cater to the reduced living quarters of high density housing with an output that’ll have the neighbours screaming at you to ‘turn the bloody music down’. But they’re immaculate at low listening volumes, too. And this is thanks to the efficiency of their horn-loaded design. Loads and loads of detail with very little volume. These guys are the complete package.


MMF 1.3

Roy Hall, owner of Music Hall turntables, is a pretty no-bullshit kinda guy. He’s a whisky drinking potty-mouthed Scottish rebel from the big apple (NYC) who won’t hesitate to put the internet audiophile zealots back in their holes should they begin slagging off from the safety of their web blogs. It’s the kind of personality that affronts the easily offended (namely the audiophiles), but it also commands respect and so too do his turntables. His MMF 9.1 took home the 2017 Sound + Vision awards for best turntable in the country between 1-3 grand, and it’s accolades like these that support his brazen approach to turntable manufacturing. Roy hand-picks the components for each of his turntables, selecting the right combination of parts for particular price points within his range based on an ear with well over 30years of high-audio experience. It’s a personal touch, one based on the listening experience, and that’s why we’re stoked to introduce to you his lasted offer in analogue audio, the MMF 1.3.

At $499, you’d be hard pressed to find another table offering the kind of creature comforts the MMF 1.3 does. An electronic switching three-speed, belt drive DC driven AC generator motor with aluminium tonearm and removable headshell, inbuilt phono stage that can be switched to a line level to by-pass at a later date and factory fitted Audio Technica AT3600L moving magnet cartridge. To top it all off, the MMF 1.3 comes in a beautiful black lacquer finish with a high grade rubber mat. It’s all the mod-cons meets timeless design, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to Klipsch’s all-new active speakers, The Sixes.

Yup folks, this little combo pack from Vinyl Revival, The Six Six Sixes, is American muscle through and through. Big brash sound in a minimalist design: just a turntable and two speakers. Just a gorgeous piano black turntable between two beautiful timber speakers. We’re not a bunch of audiophiles here at Vinyl Revival. While we recognise that, yes, vale amps, mono blocks, external phono pre-amps and the like are going to produce the highest possible sound quality, we also recognise this sort of setup is clunky, expensive, aesthetically awkward and unrealistic for our customers – the majority of folk out there who wish to reap all the benefits of analogue audio without going full audiophile. We’re trying to reduce all the equipment that gets between you and what’s most important: the music. And anyone who suggests that the aesthetics of an audio setup has no inherent effect on the quality of your listening experience has missed the point, the most beautiful aspects of analogue music. This is a tangible medium, a physical experience, a corporeal link between you and what you’re listening to. We don’t only listen with our ears but our eyes too, our fingers running over the cover art of our favourite LPs and the smell of freshly pressed wax. So go forth vinyl junkies and plunder the depths of this ultimate listening experience with the help of Music Hall and Klipsch. It’s just music – really really great sounding music – without the bullshit.

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