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Stairway to Heaven


the amplifier - heart of the system

Valve amplifiers, like record players are coming back into fashion and with their wonderful warm and rich sound and great looks it is easy to see and hear why. The reasons for the resurgence in popularity include:valve amps look stunning, they provide a retro feel, they're a talking point at parties, most importantly, they sound great!By sound great, we mean valve-based amps offer exquisite midrange and treble performance. They also excel in detail, clarity and transparency.

The Cayin LA-34 valve amplifier is a distinct example of bringing the best of the classic sound and combining it with the technology and reliability of the Millenium. Its point to point hand-made construction is testament to Cayin's commitment to delivering a special sonic performance.

the speakers - made in france

The Focal Aria 905 speakers are made in France by a company that specialises in loudspeaker research and development, design and manufacture.They reproduce the sonic nuances of the music to deliver a truly enveloping sound.Their bookshelf size disguises their room filling rich detailed sound.

Focal-JM Lab is a French company which has been designing and manufacturing high fidelity loudspeaker systems in France since 1979. The Grande Utopia is the brand's emblematic loudspeaker which earned the company its worldwide reputation. It is considered one of the best high fidelity loudspeakers in the world.Focal's strategy concentrates of having full control over the production process from design and manufacturing to the assembly of the final product. Following 5 years of development Focal's Flax cones in the Aria models are made of high quality flax fibres enclosed by 2 thin layers of glass fibre. Flax is twice as light as fibreglass and has very low elasticity which is ideal to increase the rigidity of the sandwich structure.

Focal's mantra is "Listen Beyond" and with the Aria 905's that is the essence of rhythmic performance.

the turntable - built in phono stage

The Rega Planar 1 is the most successful turntable that Rega has ever made......a big call considering Rega has been making outstanding turntables since 1973. We guess that this could be the result of a company philosophy of not spending one penny on marketing but spending those funds on research and development. The Rega Planar 1 Plus incorporates the award winning Fono-Mini phono preamplifier. What this means is that the Planar 1 is now able to connect to any audio playback device with an auxiliary input without the need for an outboard phono preamplifier.

The Planar 1 Plus benefits from all of the advantages of its sibling, the Planar 1, such as a low noise 24v motor, precision hub bearing assembly and hand made RB110 tonearm with a factory fitted Rega Carbon cartridge. Set-up remains possible in under 30 seconds making this the easiest to use, and most flexible Rega turntable to date.

"what the crew think"

This very special combination delivers the atmospheric sound of listening to vinyl to yet another level.Starting with a Rega turntable is always an excellent beginning and following that with the sweetness of valve amplification can only bring the artist into the room when the valves perform their magic through the French Focal speakers.

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