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I'm too SXC


It’s one thing to own records, it’s another thing entirely to look cool AF playing them. Seems little point flipping black wax if your setup is cheap and nasty. Equally disappointing for it to sound like shit, too. No, if you’re going to shell out 40-50 clams on a bloody LP then you have to do your setup right. Right? You gotta do it sexy. I’m talking wood veneer and brushed aluminium finishes, hand built components from quality manufacturers with decades of experience. I’m talking precision detail and crispy playback. I’m talking about the I’m Too SX-C, man.  

Wrap your schmakers round the new Rega Planar 1. The boys from Essex have done it again. This ground-up remake of Rega’s acclaimed RP1 turntable is a frills free, no BS kind of record player. Automatic bias adjustment with plug and play counterweight positioning means the table is setup in seconds – literally seconds. It’s all new thermoset, gloss laminate finish in black or white add a definitive touch of class. The 24v, low noise, synchronous motor and synthetic polymer platter (increasing that ol’ flywheel effect) both decrease resonance and reduce noise interference, improving the sonic qualities of the table. And with a factory fitted moving magnet Rega Carbon cartridge you’ll be bangin’ out sweet tunes quicker than you can say synthetic polymer platter with thermoset gloss laminate. Or something to that degree. 

Keeping it in the UK, we’ve decided to go all Cambridge on your components with this pack: Cambridge Audio SX50 bookshelf speakers and the Topaz AM10. Cambridge’s AM10 is a 35 watt per channel beast boasting five line-level inputs, an in-built moving magnet phono stage, a front-mounted MP3 input for iPods or smart devices with streaming capability, vacuum fluorescent digital display and fully adjustable EQ settings. Pretty dope, huh! But when you encase it all in a seductive brushed aluminium chassis you’re laying the foundations for some serious “baby making” music; you’re getting your sexy on. 

Finally, Cambridge Audio’s SX50s are bringing sexy back with their 135mm mid/bass drivers and silk dome tweeters. That’s right, they’re breaking out 25mm of silk dome tweeter and wrapping it ‘round your tender little ears. Not to whisper sweet sweet nothings. No! No no no. It’s for tonal balance, clarity and tons and tons of detail. And when you house it all with MDF cabinets in black and dark walnut veneer you’ve got a pair of bookies (bookshelf speakers) ready to strip you down, lube you up and make love to you – Sisqó style. Thong tha thong thong thong… 

And there you have it you heathens, the I’M Too SX-C pack. It’s true quality, completely affordable, and most importantly it’s sexy AF. So, as Rod the god would say: if you want our package and you think we’re sexy come on people…click the add to cart button?? Maybe?


Included in package:
Rega: Planar 1
 Turntable (available in Gloss Black or Gloss White)
Cambridge Audio: SX50 Bookshelf Speakers (available in Dark Walnut or Black)
Cambridge Audio: Topaz AM10 Integrated Amplifier
- White Lighting: Speaker Cable 1.5meter pair ($45 value) 

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