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Back to the Future


It’s one step in retro land and one toward the future. Marty McFly would be proud. So, you want to play records but you’re a streaming fiend. You dig the idea of vinyl, but you’re keen to keep your setup minimal, contemporary even? No probs.

First, you take a turntable, maybe like the one we’ve prepared for you right here! The Project DC Debut Carbon with Phono USB. Take one of the highest selling turntables in the world, add an inbuilt phono preamplifier for all those active speakers out there that don’t have them, slap a coat of high gloss piano black on it and give em a carbon fibre tonearm to boot. Project, argghh...stop it you guys. You're killin' it. Refined, heavily featured and forever contemporary, the DC Debut Carbon is the perfect turntable for those future folk looking to dabble in a few projects of the past. 

And here’s the kicker! 

You strap it to one – or a pair – of the mighty Sonos Play 5s and now you’ve got a fully fledge analogue system that’s also a multi-room streamer. Whaaaat?! Yup, you bolt it to one of these bad boys using the RCA-3.5mm cable we give you (cause we’re nice like that) and it sends a wireless signal to the rest of your Sonos kit. Play a record from its showpiece position in the family room and hear it on the Sonos speaker you’ve got out back. Great for patio parties. Or, stereo pair a set of Sonos Play 5s in your dedicated listening room and enjoy the refined detail of stereo imagining. The vinyl record as it was designed to be listened to. There’s just so many options, and Sonos have them all covered. The sound quality is killer, the design, flawless. Sonos is so seamless in its ease of function and home integration that it really is thinking lightyears ahead. 

Great Scott, this package is going to service you loooonnng into the future. 


Included in package:
Pro-Ject Audio: Debut Carbon
 DC Phono USB Turntable
Sonos: Play:5 Gen 2 Wireless Multi Room Speaker (single or pair)
- Pro-Ject Audio: Brush It Anti Static Record Brush
- 2RCA-3.5 cable (to connect from turntable to speaker, only one needed)

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