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Why Buying A New Cartridge Is Better Than Replacing Your Stylus-Vinyl Revival

Why Buying A New Cartridge Is Better Than Replacing Your Stylus

Why Buying A New Cartridge Is Better Than Replacing Your Stylus


Several times a day we have people coming into the shop or ringing the shop,asking for a new stylus for their old turntable that they have dusted off,in order to discover the atmospheric sound of vinyl......and we celebrate their mission....after all everyone deserves the great sound and experience of listening to records.

What most people don't know is that whilst their stylus may need replacing,their cartridge is worn out too.The average life of a phono cartridge is about 5 years and they are wanting to replace a stylus on a 30 year old turntable.....not a good equation.....potentially this will end up with a 40% return on a 100% investment.The other part that is regularly misunderstood is that the stylus is about 90% of the cost of a phono cartridge.....possibly a little over-inflated due to a captive market.

Then there is another rude awakening......the stylus you have just paid $50 to $60 for isn't even a diamond,it's a sapphire and even worse,it's a conical shape.What does all this mean?A whole lot if you want to get the best sound and look after your precious vinyl.Firstly,a conical shaped sapphire stylus will not only give you a limited music experience due to it's minimal contact with the record groove but that minimal contact also creates a pressure point on the sides of the record groove that damages your records.

Now,here is the crazy part!For the same cost as one of these vinyl destroying conical sapphire stylii you can buy an eliptical diamond cartridge and stylus.Unlike a conical stylus an eliptical stylus is a "V" shape,much the same as the record groove......a partnership made in heaven.This means that the stylus has immensely more contact with the record groove.....meaning two things.....more musical information and far less record wear......and for the same price....and with a new cartridge as well!

And then there is also the possibility of upgrading your cartridge.The phono cartridge is the dollar for dollar most effective way to improve your music listening experience.Extracting more information from the record groove will always give you a greater music listening experience.We stock brands such as Ortofon,Rega and Audio Technica,all leading cartridge manufacturers that make cartridges that will bring life to your enjoyment of playing records.

A. Cutter B. Spherical C. Elliptical D. Fine Line


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