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TUES - SAT 10.00AM-5.00PM (03) 9419 5070
VR welcomes Klipsch to the family!-Vinyl Revival

VR welcomes Klipsch to the family!

This audio game is a funny one. Competition between hi-fi stores is strong, and with the advent of online shopping it’s become even stronger. Some hi-fi retailers are a smorgasbord of brands and devices, gadgets of all kinds offering the latest must-have’s in the name of audio playback, at cheap cheap prices. And that’s fine, for some. They do what they do because they’re hi-fi retailers and hi-fi is a big ol’ tree with many branches. But we didn’t get into this game to be just another hi-fi retailer. We wanted to be different. So we thought we’d recreate that original record store feel with a little twist. It’s our intention to be a one stop vinyl shop experience. Records, yes, but all the best equipment in the market to play those shinny black discs we all love so much. So while being price competitive is imperative to any business in today’s market, our first priority is without question the quality of the products we endorse. The quality of your audio. We stock the names we do because we believe they’re the best in the business for what they do. And we’re making it our mission to provide the best brands in the vinyl game: the best tables, amps, and speakers to give you the most authentic experience from your vinyl collection.  
Klipsch Reference Bookshelf Speakers 
And so it’s with this in mind that we’re proud to welcome Kilpsch to the VR family – the kooky crew of vinyl weirdos we are. Welcome to over 70 years of experience in the audio playback industry. Welcome to one of the most renowned names in loudspeaker technology and manufacturing. Welcome to award winning audio. And welcome vinyl junkies because we’re bringing it direct to you, our customer. We’re currently showcasing four separate models: the Reference Premier series, which includes the RP-150 and 160 respectively; the all new R-15PM powered monitors; and my personal favourites, the Heresy III’s. In the coming weeks I’ll take a closer look at the Reference Premier series and the R-15PM’s – what they do, how they do it, and why they’re turning so many heads. And following that, I’m gonna break down the beauty of the Kilpsch Heritage range, which includes the Heresy III’s that’ve just arrived in store. If the resurgence in vinyl record sales has proven anything it’s that the latest aint necessarily the greatest. Some things were just done better back when. So it’s comforting to know that when we suggest to you a loud speaker, we’re promoting the kind of forward-thinking design that made Klipsch a household name back when vinyl was the only way to listen to music. Cause we still think it is. 
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Robert Cudlipp - March 25, 2017

Regrettably, I have just happened upon your website.
There is little doubt that I would be regarded as a stereo ( a broad description) enthusiast with pockets far narrower than his wishes!
In my past life, had gear basically sourced by Encel’s late of Bridge Rd and Niddrie, comprising 2 x Rotel 100 watt bridged power amps, a Rotel preamp, Thorens turntable, the all important Rotel CD player and ESS Heil speakers.
Lovely stuff – some sold with children who did not want to listen to those Rotels pumps out a great sound etc.

In past times, my dream wish – Tattslotto permitting- would have been to purchase a set of those magic, if largeish, Klipsch La Scala speakers with those mighty horns + quality power amp , Linn turntable and so it goes ,apart from adding a Nakamichi Dragon tap deck, Those decks still look awesome.

Times have changed.

Still have the Rotel power and preamps which have not made a boo for over a decade and Rotel CD still works fine to my not so young ears.
My rather rude sons only listen to music via Net, Ipads, Spotify etc . They don’t know what they are missing not listening to music from quality speakers and wont even listen to me waffle on about how things were.
Of course, their enjoyment and access to music listening is incredibly cheaper than was mine.
To begin with, no matter how good the sound, speakers are a little anti-social unless everyone in the house wishes to listen to the same music at the same time.

It was great to see the return of the products initially produced by Paul W Klipsch.

Also recently read where Klipsch had done a limited run of La Scalas : only one pair for Australia : AUD35,000.
Would be interested in your suggestions for new system. For the sake of discussion, assume Rotel amp gear still works, same for Rotel CD.

Clearly need a quality set of headphones. Given that my wife even has a go at me if too music escapes from her set of not so cheap Sennheisers, need a pair of quality ( but $1,0000 ) is more than my ears can justify, that prevent too much noise getting loose.

May purchase speakers done the track , but not looking at purchasing set at the outset, Effectively headphones will be my speakers.

All that may be too vague,however would like a price on qood Sennheiser ? headphones, wireless? or may just plug into CD player, and benefit and cost of just above entry level headphone amp, unless this is an unnecessary indulgence.

To all readers of this blog, if you have not heard Klipsch speakers before, you owe it to yourself to give them an audition,


Robert Cudlipp.

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