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The Weeklys | May 28th-Vinyl Revival

The Weeklys | May 28th


  • Oscar Key Sung – ‘Club Mate’

Melbourne’s Oscar Key Sung dropped the No Disguise EP on Friday. Days prior, the future-pop artist teased the EP with the infectious ‘Club Mate’, following on from ‘Simple Luv’ earlier in the year.

‘Club Mate’ is a stunning piece of warped piano-led electronic centred around the singer’s gentle falsetto singing “I hope that you love like you dance.” Oscar’s been continuously building towards something big recently, and he’s finally hit the nail on the head with this track.

The atmospheric synths and rattling percussion keep ‘Club Mate’ bubbling throughout, but it’s Oscar’s soothing vocal performance that makes this track great.




  • A$AP Rocky – ‘Hun34rd’

A$AP Rocky has been teasing us with a new project all year long through a bunch of singles releases. Finally, the American rapper dropped his sophomore album, Testing. The record follows the 2013 LONG.LIVE.A$AP mixtape and his 2015 debut album AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP.

‘Hun34rd’ provides A$AP enthusiasts with exactly what was needed on Testing: a stirring piece of psychedelic RnB production from Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes, reminiscent of the material on A$AP’s previous album. The stylised spelling of ‘Hun34rd’ is homage to Manhattan’s 143rd Street where A$AP grew up, which makes up much of the lyrical inspiration behind the track.  

It might not be what hard-core rap fans were hoping for, but ‘Hun34rd’ is a dreamy masterpiece.




  • RUFUS DU SOL – ‘No Place’

With a new name in tow, you would imagine somewhat of a new journey. But that’s not the case for RUFUS DU SOL, FKA RUFUS. The electronic trio are back with an almighty bang, bringing the kind of bright and brimming electronica we’ve come to expect from the group.

The first taste of a not-yet-announced third album, ‘No Place’ is familiarly RUFUS, but sees the trio experimenting with influences never before heard in their music. Following the suspense-building introduction and elegantly textured chorus, the instrumental becomes draped in the minimalism of two-step percussion patterns.




  • Maggie Rogers – ‘Fallingwater’

After bringing Pharrell Williams to tears with her breakthrough track ‘Alaska’, Maggie Rogers is back with yet another stunner,‘Fallingwater’. Known for serving up folk-pop earworms, the American continues the affinity by adding an electronic flair to this latest track.

Written and produced in collaboration with former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmangij, Maggie says ‘Fallingwater’ is about the rapid change in her life over the past two years, particularly since ‘Alaska’ catapulted the songwriter to unforseen stardom.

‘Fallingwater’ builds further anticipation for Maggie’s major-label debut.




  • Pusha T – ‘If You Know You Know’

DAYTONA, the Kanye-produced Pusha T ‘album’ finally arrived on Friday. The seven-track, 21-minute project hits its peak on the opening track, ‘If You Know You Know’. DAYTONA is the follow-up to 2015’s King Push: Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude. Originally, the record was intended to be titled King Push but was changed to DAYTONA last minute.

Pusha doesn’t necessarily change anything up on ‘If You Know You Know’. The American rapper is still stringing rhymes together about drugs, predominantly cocaine. Here, Pusha brags about his knowledge of the drug game and his stance in trap music – the top. The upbeat, vocal-chopped production is covered in Kanye’s fingerprints, making ‘If You Know You Know’ a track to remember.





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