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The Weeklys | April 23rd-Vinyl Revival

The Weeklys | April 23rd

VINYL REVIVAL’S Weekly Playlist

  • Exhibitionist – ‘Sway’

Exhibitionist, the solo project of the multi-talented Kirsty Tickle, offers her first music of the year in the effortlessly sophisticated ‘Sway’. The third single released by the Sydney-sider, following ‘Hands’ and ‘Motionless’, ‘Sway’ forms part of her debut EP, which is shaping up to be one of the best releases of 2018. 


Tickle explained that “‘Sway’ is about feeling tangled up in someone, and wanting to fold into them completely while futilely trying to guard your heart in the process… It’s a personal reminder to be open to love, and to stop pushing against it even when things feel a bit unsteady.” 


‘Sway’ is expertly layered with intricate percussion, majestic synths and Tickle’s breathy vocals, which are both ice cold yet comforting. With ‘Sway’s’ perfect combination of brooding synths an soulful drums, Exhibitionist and frequent collaborator Jonathon Boulet prove they’ve mastered the crescendo. 


  • No Mono – ‘Frostbitten’

No Mono, the project of Tom Iansek (Big Scary, #1 Dads) and Tom Snowden (Lowlakes), have been constantly teasing the release of their debut record, Islands (Part One), due on 4 May.


‘Frostbitten’ is the fourth single released from this captivating project, and it’s just that – captivating. Over the previous three singles, No Mono have explored the beauty of gentle electronic soundscapes. However, ‘Frostbitten’ is stripped to its cold and vulnerable skin, trading synths for the piano. 


Snowden says “’Frostbitten is about ending things… Recording the track was like letting go of a heavy, sad weight. It was important to make it in that way because it helped with accepting things and moving on.”


  • Courtney Barnett – ‘City Looks Pretty’

Courtney Barnett just can’t put a foot wrong. ‘City Looks Pretty’ is the third single taken from her forthcoming sophomore record, Tell Me How You Really Feel. It’s tough to maintin the standard of previous singles ‘Nameless, Faceless’ and ‘Need A Little Time’, but the Melbourne artist has made a fair fist of it.


‘City Looks Pretty’ is just as great but represents a contrasting side to Courtney’s song-writing and production. There’s dissonant guitars and then, around the half-way mark, the track burns out, with Courtney reflecting on a sense of loneliness in the big city.


  • ALTA – ‘Now You Want Me’

ALTA, the Melbourne duo comprised of vocalist Hannah Lesser and producer Julius Dowson, have been dropping singles sparingly in the last year with little information. The latest, ‘Now You Want Me’, continues the pair’s hot streak following the brilliant ‘Fix It’ and ‘Sentiment’. 


While ‘Sentiment’ provided a lighter, two-step influenced style, ‘Now You Want Me’ sees ALTA dance back into the house textures that characterised their earlier work. The tropical feel of ‘Now You Want Me’ is contrasted with Hannah’s lyrics, centred around a chaotic break-up.


  • DMA’S – ‘Break Me’

If the Wild West still existed in 2018, ‘Break Me’ would be the theme song to every Western movie. Sydney band DMA’S have their sophomore record, For Now, dropping this Friday, and ‘Break Me’ is the swaggering fourth single.


Each single has had a contrasting taste – the barnstorming rock of ‘Dawning’, the gloomy mood of ‘In The Air’ and the psychedelia-tinged ‘For Now’. The blistering rock of ‘Break Me’ sounds like a cut from an Arctic Monkeys record.


For Now is set to take DMA’S into places nobody ever expected. Lead singer Tommy O’Dell has a message for the non-believers: “You won’t break us now!” 

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