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OPENING 10.00AM WED 28/07/2021 (03) 9419 5070
OPENING 10.00AM WED 28/07/2021 (03) 9419 5070
The Weeklys | 20th Aug-Vinyl Revival

The Weeklys | 20th Aug

Two People – Something To Talk About

For the last couple of years Melbourne’s Two People, Phoebe Cockburn and Joey Clough, formerly of Snakadaktal, have been teasing us with brooding electronic-pop. The artwork for the last two releases – ‘Something To Talk About’ and ‘I’m Tied, To You’ – suggest a “proper” project is coming, and if their latest release is anything to go by it’ll be something serious. ‘Something To Talk About’ offers Two People’s signature busy percussion and gloomy synth developing to a gripping close, all in support of Phoebe’s angelic vocals.

Maribou State – Nervous Tics (feat. Holly Walker)

Maribou State are quite unlike most electronic acts. Their music isn’t suitable for a club environment but the busy textures do sometimes give their productions a danceable quality. On their new single ‘Nervous Tics’, the British duo take it down a gear, providing a relaxed guitar-led instrumental that’s juxtaposed by Holly Walker’s underlying anxieties surrounding love. It’s a ripper, further building the anticipation for Maribou State’s sophomore record, Kingdoms In Colour. Out September 7.

Lauren Faith – Just a Little

KAYTRANADA’s productions always find just a little more zest when paired with a smooth female vocalist, and Lauren Faith’s debut single, ‘Just a Little’, is another prime example. From the get-go playful synths summon elements of KAYTRA’s incredible 2016 album, 99.9%. And in a remarkable feat of confidence, Faith never waivers. Her vocals showcase an impressive level of maturity with sass and fun, going toe to toe with KAYTRANADA’s funky beat.

The Delta Riggs – Fake That

The Delta Riggs’ fourth album is currently in the making, expected to drop early next year. For now the Melbournians have gifted us ‘Fake That’, the band’s first new music since 2016. It’s easily one of Riggs’ catchiest tracks. The wholesome ‘Fake That’ is dominated by Elliot Hammond’s gravelly but hugely effective vocals and, of course, the instrumental is jam-packed with that classic Riggs’ character.

SG Lewis – Hurting (feat. AlunaGeorge)

SG Lewis recently dropped Dusk, part one of a three-part EP series chronicling a night-out: Dusk, Dark and Dawn. A collab with AlunaGeorge, ‘Hurting,’ signals the beginning of the Dark phase. Aluna doesn’t fuck around. “I wanna bang you now,” begins the second verse of the track. SG’s production is similarly straight-forward: ‘Hurting’ is a ripe d-floor banger primed for the club.


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