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The Rotel 14 Series Has Arrived

The Rotel 14 Series Has Arrived

The Rotel 14 Series Has Arrived


The new Rotel 14 Series consists of 6 models that have been carefully designed and acoustically tuned in the UK with critically selected components.Rotel have adopted this new procedure in order to achieve a better cost balance of the components used in this series.What they set out to do was to put as much as possible into critical components that make the most sonic difference.In order to balance the equation components that have a minimal effect on the sound have been downgraded to reduce costs.the end result is that the 14 Series hits well above it's price in performance providing exceptional value.

Starting with the entry-level A-10 amplifier the power output is up from the previous model's 40 watts per channel to an impressive 60 watts RMS per channel.It incorporates a MM phono stage for those wishing to enjoy playing vinyl and a convenient 3.5 mm input for iOS devices,etc.The next model up,the A12,incorporates a Wolfson 24 Bit/192 Khz digital to analogue converter.It also has Bletooth and a iOS control app.

The flagship A14 comes with some special features.Firstly,it is a powerful 80 watts RMS per channel.It comes with a AKM 32 Bit/768 Khz digital to analogue converter to handle high resolution and PC-USB with DSD support.It's greatest strength lies in it's ability to render a powerful performance exactly as the artist intended.

The two tuners in the new 14 Series.The T11 entry-level has DAB+ digital radio with Dynamic Range Control.It also comes with remote control.The exciting new T14 is a DAB+ tuner with DTS Play-Fi streaming.A near enless supply of music sources are supported by the T14 using the DTS Play-Fi iOS and Android apps. including Spotify,Pandora Tidal,Rhapsody,Amazon Music,Deezer and more.Your listening options for radio broadcasts have never been more varied or available at such high quality.A 32 Bit/384 Khz digital to analogue converter means high resolution performance.

finally,Rotel introduces the CD14 CD Player with the new range.It features a 24 Bit/192 Khz DAC and a precision mechanism.It has a carefully engineered power supply to ensure separate ripple-free voltage to both analogue and digital circuits.

The new 14 Series is the culmination of 55 years of Rotel excellence.The results of Rotel's painstaking attention to detail is stunning realism in music playback.

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