Ron Howard's Documentary About The Beatles

December 01, 2015

Ron Howard's Documentary About The Beatles

8 Days A Week - The Touring Years is the new documentary by the renowned director and actor Ron Howard.8 Days a Week strips back layers of myth to give us back The Beatles that made the whole world scream.This documentary allows us to hear what most Beatles audiences hardly could : the music itself.It also puts us inside their world of skyrocketing fame,an experience that the Fab Four shared.and which only they truly understood.

To hear The Beatles live again is to remember the strength of their musical togetherness,the years of practice,friendship and collaboration that underpinned them.

Says Ron Howard......"I was interested in the bubble that they were in.I began to think of the startas like Das Boot.they're in it together,they have each other and they know what their objective is."Howard sought out fan footage,local TV show clips and bootleg recordings.There is some classic footage of the band playing the Ed Sullivan Show,the Washington DC Coloseum show in 1964 and other live moments in Japan,Australia and at Shea Stadium.

Howard speaks of how his teacher used lyrics from Rubber Soul as poetry.The quantum leaps in creative growth is what hooked Howard to the movie.Howard says....."The fact that they were creatively ambitious and maintained it,and kept growing at that moment,while they were coping with this remarkably wonderful,but also kind of shocking,reality of their success is kinda awesome.The whole approach they had with the music,to the press,their natural wit as a foursome fooling around for the cameras,was totally organic and unique to them alone."

Another highlight was their refusal to have segregated audiences in Jacksonville Florida.They made a difference at every level and everyone followed.The fasct that they could turn their back on Beatlemania live performances to concentrate on their creativity says a lot about who they were and their grasp on what really mattered.

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