Revolver - A Classic Album after 50 Years!

December 01, 2015

Revolver - A Classic Album after 50 Years!

Revolver is a seriously iconic album and it is currently celebrating it's 50th birthday.The Beatles and George Martin certainly took their recording sessions seriously.Revolver was recorded at Abbey Road studios in London and it took 300 hours of studio time to complete the album.It spent 7 weeks at the top of the UK album charts and 34 weeks in the charts.Revolver is placed 3rd in Rolling Stones' 500 albums of all time list.

Revolver was a turning point of sorts for the Fab four.It is seen by many as a sort of marker,separating two sides to the Beatles.The earlier half consisting of pure pop classics that kicked off Beatlemania worldwide and the second demonstrating the evolution and maturity of their writing craft,where their psychodelic experimentation lies.It is Revolver and onwards that has helped us perceive what we see as the 60's to this day.

Eleanor Rigby one of the two singles off the album,took a huge departure from their previous conventional upbeat love songs,as the track told the story of a lonely woman and her eventual death.For it's wild creativity,daring studio experimentation and use of eclectic influences,Revolver wasn't only a career defining moment for The Beatles, but an album that helped change the industry both musically and in recording technology for good.


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