Record Revirginiser - Straya Designed And Made

December 01, 2015

Record Revirginiser - Australian Designed And Made


There is a video on Youtube of a guy using PVA wood glue to clean his records.Hr brushes it on and when it's dry he peels it off and the record gets a facial peel.We haven't tried it as we don't know if wood glue is good for vinyl.An Australian named Cary Stoddard has invented a safe-for-vinyl liquid formulation called Record Revirginizer that works in a similar manner to wood glue.It comes in a 16.9 ounce bottle,which is enough to clean many records.

The revirginizing process is quite simple.Just pour enough of the blue liquid to allow a thin coating of the record surface.Using two fingers you spread the liquid across the record surface adding a paper tab at the end that makes it easy to peel off the dried film.It's best to let the record dry off overnight before attempting to peel off the blue film.

It's definitely recommended to practice on an old record to work out the correct amount of liquid to is also important to keep the fluid off the label as there is the risk of peeling off some of the paper label.If you are careful the results will be very appealing with a substantial reduction of noise in playback.


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