December 01, 2015

Record Cleaners - An Essential Habit When Playing Vinyl

LP records have long been a habitat for dust,great place for a static environment  that is not healthy for vinyl playing,that affect the enjoyment of the superb vinyl format.Many solutions have come and gone over the years,and we have tried to refine some solutions that not only do what they say they do but are simple to use and cost effective.

Firstly,as a day to day maintenance tool the ProJect Brush-It carbon fibre brush will ensure your vinyl is free from dust before playing.Another very good quality tool from ProJect is the Clean-It microfibre brush that is excellent at ensuring your stylus is clean of residue that the stylus picks up in tracking the record grooves.

For record cleaning the AM Record Cleaner provides a fluid and cloth that helps wash the record and dry it to provide a clean playing surface.

And then,for a very special product that helps bring records back to a  pop and crackle free space due to digging deep into the record grooves to restore them back to their original condition.It won't remove the scratches but just about everything else.

Finally,The ProJect Spin-It Washer System is a record washing system that will make it easier to protect your collection.

And then there is a product that will help restore your records that have excessive dust or liquid on their surface and need some serious TLC.Record Revirginiser is a product .....believe it or not.....that has been invented by an Australian......and now it is receiving international acclaim.Peter Fremes from Analogue Planet....an internationally famous internet magazine and radio show...reviewed the product and came up with positive accolades.Fussy as he is,Fremer speaks of practising the act of revirginising a record.

The process involves pouring a PVA-like fluid.....most importantly,not PVA....onto a record,allowing it dry overnight and peeling it off the next day to take away the impurities embedded in the record grooves.This Is truly a great product and highly recommended worldwide....it would seem!

Whatever the case,cleaning records is a fact of life....but to get that sweet atmospheric sound....what price and effort is too high a price and effort...after all,they continue to surprise...with their emotional effect on our lives....that's not too deep....it's entirely true....look after your passion.

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