Klipsch R-15PM Active Speakers..........A Great Solution

December 01, 2015

Klipsch R-15PM Active Speakers..........A Great Solution


Klipsch,an iconic speaker manufacturer have delivered yet again in spades.They have really hit the mark with the R-15PM.....they provide so much for their price.Klipsch have been surprising for their over 60 years history of bringing great sound to music listeners.They claim that they are....."The Keepers Of The Sound"....and their history would do justice to that claim.....Paul Klipsch designed some amazing speakers,such as the Klipschorn,The La Scala,The Cornwall and The Heresy.....these are truly landmarks in the history of hifidelity.All of these were about what quality sound could be achieved for a cost effective price and at very efficient levels.The legend achieved by Paul Klipsch continues.....dynamic sound in an affordable speaker.

The  RPM15ot only are keepers of the sound but they have the advantages of modern technology.They incorporate a phono preamplifier that allows music listeners to enjoy the atmospheric sound of vinyl.They also have an inbuilt digital to analogue converter so connecting to your tv or streaming is easy.As well they have a 3.5mm jack to incorporate your phone into the equation or you can Bluetooth.....it would seem that they have got many options covered.

And then there is how they look.....the copper bronze woofer and compact size mean that they will find a special place in your listening environment....enjoy the music from the Keepers of the Sound!

The Klipsch R-15PM active speakers come with an inbuilt amplifier for clean powerful sound.They also come with an onboard phono preamplifier to make them turntable ready.With the Vinyl revival in full swing they provide a convenient and compact solution to playing your records.They've got your TV covered as well.All late model TVs only come with a digital optical sound output and need to be connected to a device with a digital to analogue converter onboard.The R-15PMs have a digital to analogue converter.The features just keep coming.The R-15PMs also have a USB input for easy connection to your computer.Finally they are Bluetooth enabled and come with a full featured remote control.

The reviewers speak highly of the R-15PMs.AVSForum.com said in their review......."Regardless of whether I used the R-15PMs to listen to my music collection,catch a movie,play video games or simply watch a TV show,they delivered clear,dynamic,and completely non-fatiguing sound.


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