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OPENING 10.00AM WED 28/07/2021 (03) 9419 5070
OPENING 10.00AM WED 28/07/2021 (03) 9419 5070
Fitzroy meets Brookly NY with Grado Headphones-Vinyl Revival

Fitzroy meets Brookly NY with Grado Headphones

In the mid nineteenth century the suburb of Fitzroy split from the city of Melbourne and went out on its own...

In those days it was an early manufacturing sector and worker’s quarter, partly residential but also a great deal of light industry too. These day’s it’s a Melbourne cultural mecca, which is predominantly music based. But the history of those early manufacturing days is prevalent in the scores of warehouse conversions lining Fitzroy’s side streets and back alleys, and it’s much the same in Brooklyn New York where the Grado family have been producing world class headphone’s and cartridges since 1953. Yep, those lush cans and killer carts were handmade in the fifties and they’re still handmade today. That’s why we’re proud to welcome Grado to the Vinyl Revival family. 

Not many audio lineages can boast the kind of revolutionary influences on hi-fi the way Grado do. Joseph Grado, the company’s prestigious founder, invented – that’s right, invented – the moving coil cartridge. So if you’re running the lush tones of a moving coil cartridge on your own table, you can thank the Grado family for that. And if you’re not, well, what can we say? You really should consider it. 

There’s a certain no-bullshit feel to the Grado range. Take, for example, their award winning Prestige Series headphones. There are no space-age design features, no inline mic, no coil chord, or noise cancellation or bluetooth – nothing! Hell, they look like a set of cans that came straight out of the 70s. And why? Because they’re made to get the best possible sound for your dollar. They’re not caving to trends, they’re building quality audio products and the results speak for themselves. 

There’s something rather heartening about bucking trends and refusing to pander to convenience. It’s what Vinyl Revival is all about. It isn’t convenient to play records but the sound quality’s so much better. It isn’t convenient to have a three-foot cord on your cans with no inline mic or bluetooth or noise cancellation or whatever other funky new tech is available these days, but the sound is far superior. And that kind of mentality produces quality results. Plus, it’s Fitzroy through and through! This isn’t a place of convenience pandering to contemporary trends. Fitzroy works in its own weird way and people naturally gravitate toward it because of that fact. We’re Fitzroy born and bred and we're quality before convenience. And that’s why we’re welcoming Grado to the Vinyl Revival family, cause they’re just like us – only from Brooklyn and stuff. 

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