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Cambridge Audio - The Story Of The British Sound-Vinyl Revival

Cambridge Audio - The Story Of The British Sound

Cambridge Audio - The Story Of The British Sound

The UK has always been a quintessential part of the evolvement of the audio and music industry,with many manufacturers having been around for between 40 and 60 years.Cambridge Audio,a designer and manufacturer that was founded in 1968,has decided to produce a video about the "British Sound" that is an interesting watch of not only the audio industry but the British music industry from a time when they were founded when the music industry was on a tidal wave in the late 1960's and early 1970's.They speak of being strong advocates of the "British Sound" and it has been the core of their engineering process that has been there from the start.

For Cambridge Audio the "British Sound" represents audio in it's purest form.A truly realistic and raw form of what the artists intended when they first plugged in their gear into the recording studio.The Beatles and George Martin with their more advanced recording techniques in the recording studio started to help build the British Sound and it had substance.Then there was The Who,David Bowie and Pink Floyd with their producers and engineers overseeing the technical proceedings - all resulting in a sound that became recognisably British.

Cambridge Audio went on to engineer some no only affordable hifi equipment but hifi that didn't take away or add anything into the original recording.The Brits just wanted to have something honest and pure.

To Cambridge Audio it's all about removing the barriers that might distort or alter from the original recording and not adding any of their own flavour,therefore what you hear from their products is a pure and unfiltered British Sound.

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