Bowers And Wilkins At Vinyl Revival

December 01, 2015

Bowers And Wilkins At Vinyl Revival

To say we are feeling good at Vinyl Revival to announce that we are now presenting the range of Bowers and Wilkins speakers is an understatement ....this is a very special moment in the history of Vinyl Revival.Bowers and Wilkins are a truly an iconic brand of loudspeakers,honoured by being present in the BBC studios in London and truly passionate about their design principles and product and highly respected for their continuing research and development to achieve a very special loudspeaker for every music listener.

To quote Bowers and Wilkins' website,their speakers are designed to reproduce sound as accurately as possible....the audio performance of any Bowers and Wilkins loudspeaker is best in class.Every discovery their scientists make influences how loudspeakers all over the world are made.Through the the use of materials such as Kevlar and Diamond,new solutions to complex engineering conumdrums,Bowers and Wilkins' engineers constantly strive to achieve the best sound.

And then there is their technology.....such as the carbon-braced extension of their aluminium dome and takes it to a new level of clarity.The midrange in their floorstanding models is Kevlar and extends to the listener a very special experience of vocals and piano seldom heard before.And then there are mushrooms for the bass drivers to ensure that low-end punch.

We have been truly surprised at the sound of these truly magnificient speakers.....and we haven't had time to run  them in.....To experience a speaker in the CM range that takes it's technologies from the previous 800 series is a special moment...and to understand what has been designed in the 600 series to take the music listener to another level of enjoying their music is pretty special.

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