Audio Technica's LP120... A Whole Lot Of Turntable.

Audio Technica LP120... A Whole Lot Of Turntable. 

Audio Technica LP120 BlackIntroducing the Audio-Technica LP120-USB Direct-Drive Turntable. Yes, this is a professional DJ turntable. And, sure, some would suggested that the guys here at Vinyl Revival are neither professionals nor DJ’s (certainly not the latter). But Audio Tech’s LP120 direct-drive professional DJ turntable has a number of handy features that make it a worthy consideration for domestic use.
Sure, it comes with high accuracy quartz-controlled pitch lock and pitch change slider, things you’d never use unless you were DJ’ing. But they sit innocuously to the front right of the table and can be easily ignored. And while it’s a DJ turntable at heart, some of these design features make it perfect for certain home setups. The LP120 is a weighty unit. It’s designed to be played in bars and clubs where vibrations abound. It also comes with an inbuilt phono preamp, eliminating the need for an external phono pre. Why are these features good for you? Well, if you’re limited for space, looking to create a mini system with your turntable and bookshelves in close proximity to one another (sitting on the same shelf perhaps?), the LP120 is perfect for suppressing the vibrations those bookshelves will generate. In all actuality, you could hook this record player to a pair of active bookshelves and have nothing but a turntable and two speakers sitting side-by-side on the one shelf or cabinet without vibration affecting your playback. Perfect for small apartments and high density living situations.
The AT-LP120 is a direct drive unit, which means high-torque and highly reliable timing. Plus, there's no need to replace belts! It offers selectable 33, 45 and 78 RPM operations at the touch of a button. And its USB function means you can record your favourite LPs and limited pressings into MP3, WAV and other digital audio formats. It also comes with a host of RCA adaptors enabling you to connect to a host of home entertainment components and systems. It’s a heavy duty direct drive turntable designed to be picked up and carted around town to various gigs and venues, meaning its well constructed and in home domestic use is virtually bullet proof.
So, if all of this sounds like its perfect for you, come into Vinyl Revival and ask one of the team about how you can create a small, heavy duty home system out of the Audio Technica LP120-USB Direct Drive Turntable.
 Audio Technica LP120 usb silver turntable
What a lot of peeps do "accidentally" forget to mention when you are purchasing a new turntable is you will need to do an initial set up to get the tone arm aligned and ready to go. 
Here is a quite simple setup tutorial of what can look hella confusing in the instruction manual..

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