A Tour Of The Iconic Rega Factory - Understanding The Passion

December 01, 2015

A Tour Of The Iconic Rega Factory - Understanding The Passion




Rega turntables started in 1973 by designing turntables that defied the status quo of the time and tonearms that were accepted by other turntable manufacturers because they provided a special musical experience and the beat of the music for people that understood the beat of the music.Rega kinda got it right ....but's what's wonderful is that they continue to evolve and in the last 2 years they have decided to continue the journey and they have totally redesigned their entry level to mid range  turntables with great results.You can't deny that Rega has continued to surprise with their musicality.And now we have 3 new designs in 2016 that deliver in spades.....as Rega always have....

The new designs have surprised with their innovation and engineering....and as a result will provide a most amazing musical experience....due to their passion for finding the beat of the music.And then there is Roy Gandy,a designer who says he is lonely in turntable design....because he is a visionary...we need to appreciate that....and the humility of such a great designer.

The Rega factory is quite a special place....because it has a special undeniable united passion to provide a musical experience....and that is what we all try to provide....

It would seem that Roy just knows what makes music tick.....and he keeps getting better at it......by just being honest about his passion will go on to create great things.....and we get the benefit....good times!

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