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OPEN TUESDAY TO SATURDAY 10-5PM (03) 9419 5070
OPEN TUESDAY TO SATURDAY 10-5PM (03) 9419 5070
The Beat of Brunswick St Festival-Vinyl Revival

The Beat of Brunswick St Festival

The idea seemed simple enough: cram as much live music as possible into 55+ cafes, bars, retailers, restaurants, and established music venues on Brunswick St between 1pm and 1am. Easy! But what with it being the festival’s freshman year and ours as well, The Beat of Brunswick St was always going to be a little “Mad Hatter” when it came to the day. Twelve hours of back-to-back live music and trade is one of those crackpot professor science-type experiments with the glass beakers and the different coloured test tubes and stuff: you just throw it all into the one pot on the day and hope the whole thing doesn’t explode. Kinda like hifi, really, we’re always an on-switch away from blowing something up. But what a day. Filled with a ton of firsts and a stupid amount of fun.

First, big shout-out to Audio Technica. With twin LP1240 professional DJ decks, multiple mixers, PA’s, and a ton of other gear and giveaways, their support went a long way to making the whole event possible for both our team and the artists involved. We even managed to rope Adrian, our Audio Technica rep, into the first set on the decks for the day. Cheers bud! Your crash course in working the sound deck was a little lost on me, (mic 1-4; volume control here; Aux for Auxiliary…yup, I got this, dude. Where’s the on-switch for the bloody mics!). But in the end we go through it.

Beyond being a day for discounts on hifi gear and records, we wanted this to be a celebration of music, the reason we do what we do and why none of us here would survive real jobs in the real world. Vinyl Revival’s inception was — and will always be — about that connection between music and the equipment we use to play it. We are not another hifi shop. The world has too many of those and they’re all filled with cheap gadgets and even cheaper salesmen, the kind of things that distance people from their music in the first place. We’re a music store, and so it was important to us that The Beat of Brunswick St Festival reflect exactly that.

Huge thank you to all the artists who made the day as special as it was. DJ MzRizk opening the day up for us with some sweet hip hop and soul beats. Cherry Love you had the place chilling as the sun waned and the drinks began to flow; gorgeous set from a gorgeous girl. DJ Decktecktive, what the s*#! man? Your beats were dope! LP1240’s in battle mode, you scratched your way to stopping folks in the street, had countless heads bopping in store, and there were more than a few ladies lingering round the decks, dude; solid solid set. D R Malone, such a professional unit. When the sun goes down the drum kit’s are dragged in, the instruments come out and the volume goes up. We loved it. Big big thanks, boys, you were amazing. And the Tom Petty’s…the Tom Petty’s! Not a single space to move in the store. They were lining up at the door, guys…at midnight! Solid feat, we’re super grateful. Seriously, without getting all gooey and mushy, we feel pretty privileged to have shared the day with these talented, professional, and genuinely likeable people who’re all as mad for music as we are.

We’d like to thank everyone for visiting the shop, grabbing some record players and vinyl and the like. This was a day to share with you all the things that make music special and we’re grateful you shared it with us. When all’s said and done it was a hugely successful event and a real precursor to the weird and wonderful things we have in store for Record Store Day, April 16. Keep your eyes peeled for the promos on our webpage and social media. It’s going to be a seriously fun day for music and for vinyl.


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