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6 Reasons Why Vinyl Is Popular Again-Vinyl Revival

6 Reasons Why Vinyl Is Popular Again

6 Reasons Why Vinyl Is Popular Again


1.An active,not passive experience.MP3 a great level and may be potentially partially responsible for the resurgence of vinyl....that was making a comeback against the odds.

2.We are dealing with something tangible.Working through extracting the vinyl out of the sleeve through to being around to lift the stylus off the record creates involvement .....kinda wakes us up to the experience of enjoying what the artist was trying to create as our experience......and we should respect that.

3.Sound Quality.Due to technological advances since the decline of vinyl in the late 1980's,the turntable re emerged with high level performance for an affordable price.We are now seeing turntables selling for $400 to $600 that sound better than a CD player and would have cost $1200 or more in the 1980's.Better tonearms,better cartridges,better motors,better platters,and better plinths are all contributing to a better vinyl playing experience.

4.No Loss Of Mobility.More and more artists are including a digital download as part of the vinyl purchase as a way to entice buyers.This means no second purchase is required to maintain listening on-the-go.Some analysts believe that this is what is fuelling the continued vinyl sales growth.

5.The Community.Record shops aren't just for shopping.They are a place to connect with other music listeners.Digital downloads don't offer this.We enjoy connecting with like-minded people who enjoy music.

6.The thrill of the hunt.Vinyl can provide the seeking of the treasure that gives us a mission to find that illusive album.....that piece of music that will get our mojo up and running.And we can be driven by this.....a truly healthy pastime.

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