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Stonefield - Bow Down to Our Extra-Terrestrial Leaders-Vinyl Revival

Stonefield - Bow Down to Our Extra-Terrestrial Leaders

Stone Field - Bow Down to Our Extra-Terrestrial Leaders (Album Preview)

The Findlay sisters have been dealing in punchy psych-pop, laden with bright guitar riffs and catchy melodies, since Triple J’s Unearthed, 2010. Now, in 2018, Stonefield are landing the UFO, reintroducing themselves, and bringing their Far From Earth psych-rock with them.

Having recently signed to Melbourne’s renowned Flightless Records (King Gizz’s label), home to bands like ORB and The Murlocs, the aptly-titled Far From Earth sees Stonefield heading down a more aggressive, alien-quashing path

 Their first single, Delusion, is an obvious indicator for what’s to come: sludgy, tough, prog-leaning psych rock. It’s a sudden and noticeable shift from their previous offerings, and it’s accompanied by a cosmic energy that’s set to be a constant feature of Stonefield’s new dynamic. It’s something that label mates King Gizz have recently explored themselves on titles like Polygondwanaland and Murder of the Universe. But not to the level of Delusion (Don’t at me. It’s a tune).

 Their eponymous second single, Far From Earth, further confirms the expectations of Stonefield’s forthcoming album by offering another hard-hitting psych burner with a little more melody and less sludge than its predecessor. And it’s just as promising.

Described by Stonefield as a “real gear nerd,” rock journeyman Stephen McBean came aboard to take production duties on Far From Earth. McBean’s band, Black Mountain, are known for their trippy, meandering stoner rock, which may explain Stonefield’s new expedition into the crunchier sound for this latest release.


Far From Earth is not only set to be Stonefield’s darkest offering, it likely to the be their most successful venture yet.


It'll be a biggie. Mark my words.

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