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Why Powered Speakers are Becoming a Performance Option-Vinyl Revival

Why Powered Speakers are Becoming a Performance Option


Powered speakers have typically been the realm of computer or benchtop speakers that have been a satisfactory replacement for the tiny speakers that have emitted sound from your laptop and present a fuller sound than was previously delivered from the micro speaker within your computer. However, they still provide a poor substitute for quality amplification and current hifi speakers technologies and designs that deliver the dynamics and fast transient response that bring the music to life at whatever the volume.

Things have changed substantially for the better. We now are finding speaker designers including famous ones that are recognising that active or powered speakers not only can deliver the convenience of compact design with high quality hifi amplifier and speaker cone technology that is matched to deliver exceptional performance but also incorporates modern technologies that create convenience and deliver wireless connectivity that makes the whole thing make sense.

In the last couple of years this trend continues to not only gather momentum but makes sense in the modern living space. It would seem that the requirements of modern decor design mean that the traditional bulky hifi system with large floorstanding or "tower" speakers and a bulk stack of hifi components may not be convenient or seen as tasteful in the current living environment.The audio entertainment segment of peoples lifestyle is still an integral part but has seen a quantum shift to a requirement for compact, aesthetically pleasing designs that combine quality sound performance with an aesthetic element that fits with the current requirements.

There has been a transition period where the cheap and cheerful compact computer active speakers seemed to be the only solution with convenient but sound quality crushing wireless Bluetooth technology that has partnered the MP3 download and early music streaming era. Whilst our modern busier lifestyle seemed to find this a welcome solution where you could change tracks at the press of a button many have found that as an entertainment choice it was convenient but flawed in achieving our goal of music taking us to a special place away from the stresses of the busier lifestyle. Some might say it just wound us up more subconsciously and didn't prove the balance that listening to music has typically proven to do.

Then from left field came the game changer! Music listeners heard vinyl being played as it always had the potential to be played.  With current and developing technologies particularly with tonearm design and tonearm bearing technology and noise and vibration isolation meaning high performance turntables could be designed at very affordable prices. Unfortunately, in its previous iteration in the 1970's and 1980's very few music listeners could afford to own a record player that could extract all the detail from the record groove that was always there. The obvious and at the time convenient choice was the digital format via the CD.


The CD seemed to offer all the things vinyl couldn't at the time. From improved playback sound quality to easy track change and touted indestructability, it seemed the perfect solution. Over time the CD was the mainstay of music playback and to this day remains a quality format. MP3 downloads challenged its convenience as you couldn't play it directly on your Smartphone or tablet.

So, getting back to vinyl......why is it back? The digital format whilst offering convenience leaves out several human elements that are important to us emotionally. Firstly digital, particularly in its earlier times had to take shortcuts on delivering the whole music content that analogue incorporated including the upper harmonics that are above the audible spectrum but affect the overall sound that we hear.....some call it atmospheric. Then there is the tactile experience including the artwork on the record sleeve that was in itself part of the experience. Then there was the playing of a whole album which the artists intended to be a story defined in tracks that were as chapters in a book. And the engagement in the process of getting up to change the album over to the other side....the word engagement means your are involved and taken away from the day to day stresses of daily life.Special place?

How does all this relate to powered or active speakers? It couldn't be more relevant....after all why get half the experience? We now have the record playing atmospheric experience at an incredibly affordable price and then many are taking it back to less than MP3 quality by connecting it to cheap and cheerful computer speakers when over the last period we are now being offered affordable HiFi quality performance powered speakers previously not available. We are also being offered new release affordable amplifiers that are being accoladed as equivalent to models selling at twice their price and new budget speaker designs from world famous speaker designers that are compact but deliver exceptional bass performance.

There has been thousands of record players sold over the last few years that are HiFi quality turntables at a very affordable $500 that are not being given the opportunity to deliver vinyl as it is meant to be experienced. After all, why would anyone buy a sports car and fit it with $50 cheap tyres and expect it to show its true doesn't make sense!


The good news is that there is a growing trend of quality performance powered speakers being developed by highly respected speaker designers from very affordable prices to whatever fits your budget and decor. They are far and away from desktop computer speakers that may have looked the part but left us wanting. Exciting times abound,with direct turntable input, direct digital optical TV input, latest technology APTX wireless Bluetooth connectivity which actually makes music streaming wirelessly sound good. They also offer subwoofer output for system expansion and even bigger bass if required.......a sportscar with upgradeable options!

Please click on the link to our quality active or powered speaker range to experience the sound performance that your record playing or music streaming deserves.CLICK HERE:

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