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The All-New Recordmaster HiRes-Vinyl Revival

The All-New Recordmaster HiRes

What do you do when you release one of the highest selling turntable’s in the country, a jerry-rigged hybridisation of the mega successful Project Debut Carbon and Essential lines with inbuilt phono USB wrapped in a gorgeous walnut finish? Well, you make it better, that’s what you do.

Never one to rest on their laurels, Project Audio have taken the previous iteration of their wildly successful Recordmaster and Jacked It Up! Don’t let the modest amendment to the title fool you, the Recordmaster ‘HiRes’ is a complete overhaul on the previous model, and it’s a very serious turntable, indeed. So let’s check it out.

The foundations of the Recordmaster HiRes, like its predecessor, are built upon the revolutionary Debut Carbon chassis. It’s an inch thick of MDF wrapped in a gorgeous matte walnut finish with their low-noise, decoupled (using TPE-dampening) DC driven AC motor recessed into the deck. The MDF construction heavily reduces resonant vibrations within the plinth while the TPE-dampening system isolates noise and vibration from the motor. But this is where the similarities end because the Recordmaster HiRes comes with a swag of new tools to further improve the sonic qualities of the deck.

Unlike the 8,6” aluminium tonearm with Ortofon OM5 cartridge on the former Recordmaster, the new and improved version now houses an 8,6” ‘carbon fibre’ tonearm with Ortofon’s 2M Red. This is a major improvement. Carbon tubes increase stiffness and decrease resonance, making them more responsive while at the same time less susceptible to resonant vibrations that cause distortion. And when you add to that the detail and dynamics of a significantly higher-grade cartridge like the 2M Red, the new Recordmaster HiRes draws a shit-load more information from your favourite LPs than it’s little brother.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Not just satisfied to let you draw more information from your records, the good folk at Project Audio want you to retain as much of it as humanly possible. So they’ve included an acrylic platter to help with the job. Not only have acrylic platters shown to further open up the sound of Project turntables, firming up bass notes and rounding the overall presentation, it’s a sonically dead material that helps reduce distortions caused by the needle tracking through the groove of the record. Aesthetically, there’s only a subtle distinction between the acrylic and aluminium platters of each table, but it makes a significant difference to your overall sound quality, especially when you’re dealing with higher-end cartridges like the Ortofon 2M series.

But the true jewel in the crown of the Recordmaster HiRes is it’s internal phono preamplifier with USB out for audio recording in PCM 24bit/192kHz or DSD256 11.2 MHz, offering simultaneous connection with both your amplifier and home PC/Mac. That’s right! Not only is there no need to disconnect the bloody turntable from your amplifier every time you want to convert one of your favourite LPs into an audio recording, you can now do it in high resolution. DSD is a true ‘audiophile’ digital offering. Developed by Philips and Sony, the sampling rates are 256 times greater than that of a standard CD and the highest audio resolution format available today. In plain English, the recording quality of the Recordmaster HiRes is bad-freakin-ass! The highest quality available and the only worthy sample rate for your precious LPs. If you truly want to capture the life of your vinyl LPs in digital format, the Recordmaster HiRes is the turntable to do it.

So there we have it, folks. The all-new Recordmaster HiRes is not only the Recordmaster’s bigger brother, it’s the Incredible Bloody Hulk by comparison. And with only a modest increase in the price point at $1099, it’s by far the better choice between the two. So blow the dust of your precious collection, race into your nearest Vinyl Revival store or click add-to-cart and snap one up. Your ears will thank you. Your eyes will thank you. Hell, even your records will thank you! So much gratitude for such a well priced machine. It’s raining praise with Project Audio’s all-new Recordmaster HiRes.



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