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Pioneer Home Audio Delivers Performance-Vinyl Revival

Pioneer Home Audio Delivers Performance

Ever since Pioneer joined forces with Onkyo in 2014 they have had a single focus of re-establishing categorically that they are one of the leaders in hifi stereo electronics. Gone are the days of designing and manufacturing one of the best Plasma TVs and with their counterpart Onkyo retaining their focus on home theatre receivers, Pioneer has systematically released new ranges of amplifiers and components that have received accolades from the hifi press. These accolades are soundly founded as Pioneer has combined their heritage of building solid well-designed components that incorporate the fundamentals of great hifi including solid chassis, high performance shielded power supplies and separate compartments for pre and power amplifier sections with current technologies of the world's best Digital to Analogue Converters to bring the music to life.

As we move further into the 21st century, the environment of the electronics industry is changing rapidly. In the midst of such change, even more foresight and flexibility are required, particularly in research and development. R&D has been crucial to Pioneer's growth, creativity and leadership. With seven percent of revenues invested back into R&D, they continue to develop imaginative products that best fit the lifestyle of the new century.

 In many ways, their corporate slogan says it all -

"Sound"  indicates Pioneer's very origin - the audio field - but also refers to our aim to resonate with customers.

"Vision" refers to the video business in which Pioneer maintains a leadership position with Blu-ray Disc technology. It also suggests the company's clear commitment to the future and innovation.

"Soul" emphasizes Pioneer's determination to raise entertainment to the level of pure emotion. Pioneer truly believes in the power of sound and vision to 'move the heart and touch the soul.'

Pioneer  Amplifier Range

Pioneer's current range of amplifiers is a testament to their commitment with their A-70DAK and A-50DAK models being built like a brick.There are separate compartments for the power supply, pre and power amplifiers ensuring maximum electrical isolation and minimal introduced noise - which means more music. The A-50DAK  incorporates a high quality dedicated MM phono input, whilst the A-70DAK also incorporates a Moving Coil Phono input.They both have multiple digital inputs enabling TV input and music streaming. Pioneer have included the Sabre 32 Bit Ultra DAC which is rated as one of the best 32 Bit DAC's in the world. Weighing in at a hefty 17.2 kg the A-70DAK amplifier chassis is a showcase to their dedication to isolation and reducing vibration and introduced noise. It also incorporates Analogue Balanced Inputs (XLR 3) for those looking for the optimum in shielding with minimum interference.

Their other current model amplifiers benefit from a solid transformer with EI-shaped iron and amplification path Direct Energy, made by "double mono" scheme and assembled on MOSFET. They also include Source Direct Mode to shorten the signal path and improve clarity and an isolated power supply to reduce introduced noise. Their phono stages are impressive with LPs sounding better on the Pioneer - critical for those looking to experience the atmospheric sound of vinyl.

Pioneer Network Player

Pioneer recognised the demand for High Resolution music streaming and with their N-70AE Network Player established itself as a class leading,high performance component.The impressively specified N-70AE is well equipped to meet the intrinsic demands of the streaming world,however, it is in its attention to build quality that it stands out from the competition. Let's start with the hefty 11.4 kg mass of the unit which is far above the weight of most hi-fi components.The reason for this is the 3 chamber shielded chassis housing the twin power transformers that power the digital and analogue sections separately,eliminating electrical and magnetic interference. A rigid under-base of the chassis also suppresses vibration.

The N-70E's componentry stands out from the crowd, highlighted by the inclusion of the twin Sabre 32 Ultra 32 DAC's which have been widely recognised and employed in the audiophile community as the next step in converter technology, considered to be one of the world's best 32 Bit DACs. On the music service side,Pioneer's Remote App facilitates access to Tidal, Deezer and Tune-In, Spotify Connect, Google Chromecast and Internet radio.The Pioneer N-70AE's sound is where it is all at.The culmination of superb componentry in an extremely high quality chassis delivers the music in a manner not heard for its price.

Pioneer CD/SACD Player

The Pioneer development team left nothing to chance with the PD-70AE, consistently pursuing its overriding objective: optimum stereo playback of CDs and SACDs. This consistency is apparent the first time one encounters the player, which weighs a solid 18kg and receives discs in a massive aluminium drawer. The construction of the housing with double floor, three interior assemblies and encapsulated aluminium drive block serves as the perfect, vibration-free mechanical foundation. Separate power supplies for the digital and analogue switching ranges guarantee spotlessly clean supply voltages.

Not one but two units of the premium ESS9026PRO – considered one of the most accurate, low-distortion DAC chips on the market – in double-mono operation serve as the D/A converter. The analogue section has a fully symmetrical layout and delivers the music signal either via symmetrical XLR connections or switchable RCA jacks that support even heavy cables thanks to the massive design.

Pioneer Bluray/SACD Benchmark Universal Disc Player

 Pioneer is introducing the “UDP-LX800”, a flagship Universal Disc Player, purpose-engineered to provide a new state-of-the- art benchmark for 4K UHD Blu-ray and SACD playback. Boasting the highest possible audio and video quality, the UDP-LX800  is a truly Reference-grade product from a manufacturer with nearly 40 years of experience in optical disc technology.The UDP-LX800 delivers supremely stable high-speed rotation of discs by virtue of its remarkably rigid construction, as well as a lower centre of gravity. Both of these attributes help suppress vibration transmission occurring inside the player, minimizing any potential resonances generated and so improving disc playback.

By separating and segregating the internal layout of the player into three distinct physical ‘blocks’ (comprising power supply, drive/digital processing and analogue audio), electromagnetic interference between each block is hugely reduced.The analogue audio circuit has its own dedicated high-capacity, quick-response power transformer. Combined with carefully selected, custom-made capacitors, it creates a power-supply circuit with a high, instantaneous current supply capability.Much attention has been paid to maintaining an accurate channel balance, an effort that has resulted in excellent separation.

 The UDP-LX800 employs the same pair of 32-bit, 8-channel Parallel Drive ESS Sabre Digital-to-analogue converters (DACs) used in the PD-70AE, namely the ES9026 PRO.The UDP-LX800 is equipped with a "Direct function" which turns off the digital audio and video circuits. This allows listeners to enjoy high resolution sound sources and CDs with enhanced purity.This highly accoladed benchmark Disc Player is due in Australia in June/July and pre-orders are already being taken.

Pioneer's current Home Audio range is re-establishing the brand with some seriously high performance and exceptional value products that bring excitement back into the audio performance audio space.

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