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Grado - Legendary Musical Experience-Vinyl Revival

Grado - Legendary Musical Experience

Since 1953 Grado Labs has hand built headphones and cartridges in Brooklyn, New York. Through 3 generations the family has kept the tradition of putting sound first. Not many audio lineages can boast the kind of revolutionary influences on hi-fi the way Grado do. Joseph Grado, the company’s prestigious founder, invented – that’s right, invented – the moving coil cartridge. So if you’re running the lush tones of a moving coil cartridge on your own table, you can thank the Grado family for that. And if you’re not, well, what can we say? You really should consider it.

Grado SR125

There’s a certain feel to the Grado range. Take, for example, their award winning Prestige Series headphones. Ranging from entry level to one of Grado's highest rated, this classic series is the best way to experience the Grado sound for the first time. This line has deep ties to the Grado family, including the first Grado headphone ever and the first metal pair, and embodies the six decades of Grado Labs audio experience.There are no space-age design features, no inline mic, no coil chord, or noise cancellation or bluetooth – nothing! Hell, they look like a set of cans that came straight out of the 70s. And why? Because they’re made to get the best possible sound for your dollar. They’re not caving to trends, they’re building quality audio products and the results speak for themselves. 

Grado cartridge


Since being founded by John’s uncle Joseph Grado in 1953, Grado has been a family-owned cartridge and headphone business residing in the building John’s father built in 1918. Joseph was the inventor of the stereo moving coil cartridge, owning the patent, but many years after his nephew John’s first involvement with the company as a 12-year-old in 1965, Grado branched out into headphones, including What Hi-Fi? magazine Award-winners, such as the SR325e and SR80e.

Asked about the future of Grado in an interview with What HiFi magazine he replied: “We’re currently working on Bluetooth in-ears that possibly would be noise-cancelling, because we understand there’s a need for it. It is nice to have a product that fills an area in the industry we’re in.”

When asked, John Grado, current CEO of Grado Labs replied: What was the first piece of music you bought?"The Beatles’ Eight Days A Week on 7in vinyl. I’m a product of the ‘60s, and a big Beatles fan. My best friend from kindergarten, Mark Prevara (Billy Joel’s saxophonist), and I formed the ‘Junior Beatles’ when we were young."

When asked about Grado's future John replied:“We could try to grow this thing much bigger than it is. But I wouldn’t want to be dealing with lawyers, stockholders… we’ve built the business and it’s enjoyable as it is. Our design works within our parameters. We have machines we’ve been using for 40 years – they get the job done. This is who we are, we produce products that we like.

When John Grado was asked about his three favourite Grado products....his reply is synonomous with the Grado philosophy "Firstly, the Grado SR60, because that’s the one that gave us credibility. It launched in 1994 and we’re still producing them. It's 25 years old now and has had three generations. We only come out with new models when we feel we have something new that’s worthwhile, and that applies all the way up the line.

I always thought of the SR60 as a seed. We were giving people an opportunity to get into the Grado world, and then they end up moving up the line. People ask, "what gets better?", and the easiest way to explain the answer is it that you keep the signature Grado sound, you just get more and more information."

Grado Reference

Grado headphones are a special experience at whatever is your level.Their Award winning Prestige Series will truly amaze for the first time listener to a quality headphone....they truly take you to that space.Then there are the high performance Reference Series with their wood chassis that will amaze.Grado is a truly soulful musical experience.

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